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Tooth Crowns

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If your teeth have been damaged due to fractures, a failed restoration, or tooth decay, our natural-looking porcelain crowns may be a solution. Having damaged teeth is inconvenient and uncomfortable. In addition to affecting your appearance, the damage may also alter your normal mouth and teeth functioning.

At Galleria Dental Aesthetics, our Fairfax, VA cosmetic dentists help you create the desirable, healthy-looking smile you have always wanted. Call 703.448.1020 to learn more about solutions for your common cosmetic dental difficulties.


Previously, there were only metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. With newer technology, the gold standard in dental crowns are now all-porcelain. We are a metal-free dental practice. The two types of porcelain restorations which bond teeth together are:

  • 3/4 Dental Crown – If your tooth’s cusp breaks off and makes the tooth vulnerable to future damage, a 3/4 custom-crafted crown will restore functionality in an aesthetically pleasing way.
  • Full Dental Crown – This is required when your cusp fracture is more severe, when nerve damage occurs, or if a cracked filling has progressed to decay.

For both of these circumstances, you will have a temporary crown fitted while the lab is creating your permanent dental crown.


If your tooth has incurred damage which is not severe enough for a dental crown, but still requires correction; an inlay or onlay may be a wise choice. Inlays and onlays are made of composite resin. In cases where more strength and stability are required, our lab will create a precision fit, custom-crafted porcelain dental inlay or dental onlay to meet your reconstructive dentistry services needs.

Inlays work to prevent further damage or decay to your tooth’s upper surface. Onlays are required only if your tooth decay extends to one or more of the cusps of your teeth.

Be sure to preserve your teeth for life – whether they are natural or porcelain – by brushing and flossing regularly. In addition, keeping your regularly scheduled dental appointments is a pivotal part of effective oral hygiene. Please contact Galleria Dental Aesthetics to learn more about our Fairfax, VA all-porcelain dental crowns. Call 703.448.1020 to find out how we can help restore your bite and smile.

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