Am I a candidate for full arch dental implants?

Dental Implants | Galleria dental aesthetics | McLean, VATraditional dentures often bring to mind images of your senior relatives dealing with fake-looking teeth that are difficult to keep in place. Patients might cringe at the idea of using a traditional full denture to replace their smiles. However, thanks to continued advances in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, patients can not only obtain more natural-looking dentures but also find a solution that keeps them firmly in place. The answer? Full arch implants.

What are full arch implants?

Full arch implants are the use of several dental implants along the dental arch to hold a special bridge-like denture in place within the smile. The implants are placed during oral surgery and are made to fit the final denture. The dentures used with full arch implants do not have false gum tissue, only teeth, that function at their best thanks to the foundation they are placed on. Dental implants are titanium posts that help in anchoring the denture in place, eliminating the need for patients to use denture adhesives to enhance the smile.

Who is a candidate?

Patients with sufficient bone of the jaw in place are the best candidates for full arch implants. The implants require bone for stabilization and strength. Patients who have lost part of their jaw due to dental absorption may be ruled out as a candidate unless they consider the advantages of bone grafting as a way to prepare for implants later on. Determining candidacy is often done with x-rays to view the natural bone and decide if implants can be successfully placed.

Why choose full arch implants?

Placing a more conservative denture with full arch implants has many benefits for our patients to consider. This includes:

• Longevity

• Appearance/cosmetics

• Strength

• Durability

Most patients who choose to move forward with full arch implants often understand the value and investment they are making with their smiles!

Discuss the options available to restore your smile with the team at Galleria Dental Aesthetes

Dr. Chong Lee and our team are available to help patients who are considering tooth replacement options. If you are considering full arch dental implants, we encourage you to book a consultation appointment and initial evaluation with us by calling (703) 448-1020.

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