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Posts From February, 2012

Can I Whiten my Dental Implants?

Porcelain dental crowns cannot be whitened, because the porcelain material is not altered by bleaching agents. A dental crown is the upper, visible portion of a dental implant. If you are considering teeth whitening and plan to receive a dental implant in the future, you should whiten your teeth before the dental implant procedure. Our […]

Are there Problems that Invisalign® Cannot Fix?

Although Invisalign® meets many orthodontic needs, it is not effective for every orthodontic patient. To find out if you will benefit from Invisalign®, your teeth and jaws must be examined by our experienced dentists. At Galleria Dental Aesthetics, we suggest Invisalign® only if it will achieve the necessary tooth movement. For some patients, complex tooth […]

Can Invisalign® be Used to Treat TMJ?

Invisalign® may be useful in treating your TMJ, depending on the cause of your symptoms. If your TMJ is caused by an unbalanced, misaligned bite, an orthodontic approach like Invisalign® may be the right treatment for you. If your symptoms are caused by grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw, Invisalign® aligners may worsen these […]

Am I too Old for Orthodontic Treatment?

You are never too old to pursue the smile you have always wanted. From 8 to 80 and beyond, people of all ages can benefit from the improved function and beauty of properly aligned teeth. In recent years, the number of adult orthodontics patients has increased significantly. One of the reasons for this increase is […]

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