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Dental Bridges

Why might I need a dental bridge?

The team of Galleria Dental Aesthetics in McLean, VA are pleased to provide patients with a variety of ways to restore their smile after they have experienced tooth loss or extraction. While dental implants may be helpful, they can also be costly for patients on a budget. However, a patient may not want a removable […]

Dental Bridges McLean, VA

Using Dental Bridges to Restore the Smile after Tooth Loss

At Galleria Dental Aesthetics in McLean, VA, our team understands the importance of restoring the smile after tooth loss or extraction. Patients who have lost one or more teeth within the smile are often faced with a number of concerns. This includes shifting teeth, a less attractive smile, and reduced efficiency in eating and speaking. […]

What is the Best Way to Replace a Missing Tooth? | Arlington VA

What is the Best Way to Replace a Missing Tooth?

Until recently, tooth loss was a problem that had one solution. If there were a large extent of tooth loss, a dentist would model a denture for the affected arch, or a set of false teeth for complete restoration. If a single tooth was missing, there were (far too many) instances in which no treatment […]

Dental Bridges—An Introduction

Having missing teeth can significantly detract from your appearance, make simple tasks like eating and drinking harder, and leave you at risk for more oral health problems. Fortunately, dental bridges offer a simple solution to those who are missing teeth. Keep reading to learn more. What causes tooth loss? Tooth loss can occur for a […]

How Long do Dental Bridges Last?

If you suffer from one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge could be right for you. A bridge effectively closes the gap left after tooth loss or extraction and can restore your smile and improve your oral health. The cosmetic dentists at Galleria Dental Aesthetics offer dental bridges and many other treatment options to […]

Dental Bridges: A History

For many of us, fixed bridges are often the best alternative for people who have lost teeth.  Previously made from noble metals, most modern dental bridges are now crafted from porcelain and ceramic materials. These non-removable prosthesis which are attached to remaining natural teeth in order to improve your smile have a fairly lengthy history […]

How Often Do Dental Bridges Need to be Replaced?

Knowing when to replace a dental bridge depends on when the dental bridge becomes weakened or damaged from wear, or if an infection or decay develops around the dental bridge. There is no certain amount of time in which a dental bridge should be replaced. If a dental bridge is properly cared for, including good […]

What is the Lifespan of a Dental Bridge?

Generally dental bridges last between 7 and 15 years. At that point that bridge will probably need to be replaced. In some cases, dental bridges have lasted 30 or more years, although this is not usually the case. The longevity of your dental bridge depends in large part on your oral hygiene habits. In extending […]

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