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Should I Get a Smile Makeover?

Smile Makeover McLean VAWhen you look in the mirror each morning or evening, do you take time to appreciate your smile (or do you try to look anywhere but your mouth)? When you’re in a social or professional setting, do you smile fully and without reservation (or do you cover your mouth)? Is your smile one of many sources of confidence and satisfaction? If not, you may have questioned: “Should I get a smile makeover?”

Smile makeover treatment with an experienced cosmetic dentist may bring up feelings of excitement as well as apprehension. There are visions of what your smile may look like after cosmetic dental treatment such as teeth whitening or tooth replacement (or both). There may also be a bit of anxiety related to the idea that a smile makeover is automatically, without exception, expensive.

First Things, First

It is important that we say that, while cosmetic dental treatments are an investment into your smile because they are not typically covered by dental benefits, what you need to make your smile shine may not be as costly as you think. The best way to know how to proceed with cosmetic dentistry is to call our office in Northern Virginia and schedule a consultation. There is no pressure in the way we conduct care. There is also no obligation that you move forward with treatment. What we want is to provide you with accurate, straightforward information about what it would take to get a smile you love. And remember, a smile makeover doesn’t have to occur in an instant. Treatments can be scheduled over a period to help you obtain the results you want in a way that best suits your budget.

Now, About That Smile

Knowing that a smile makeover does come at a cost, even one that we can make easier is offset by one important thing: results. Yes, cosmetic dentistry can make your smile brighter. It can make your smile straighter. It can hide gaps or chips or other damage. Cosmetic dentistry can make teeth appear longer or larger or smaller as needed to agree with your face. In the end, though, what this treatment does is bring your smile into alignment with your personality.

We all know that our smile does a lot of talking. We know that other people formulate their opinion of us within moments of meeting. Having a smile that is an accurate depiction of who we are, then, simply feels good. Furthermore, and most importantly, an attractive smile invites us to feel more confident, more at home in our own body. What more could we ask for?

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