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Dental Bonding | McLean, VAYou and your smiles are one and the same. The appearance of your teeth, and how they are complemented by the lips that frame them, is crucial to your sense of self. This doesn’t make you vain; it makes you human! A smile is a representation of who you are, of how friendly you are, and how professional. To that end, small problems can override other attractive aspects of your being.

Do you need to build a stronger bond with your smile? The team at Galleria Dental Aesthetics is ready to help you.

There are several ways in which the smile aesthetic can be improved. Whitening is one of the most well-known processes for bringing out a more attractive appearance. When a tooth has a minor flaw, what many people consider as their ideal treatment is a porcelain veneer – or many. There is another way, though, and it‘s worth exploring.

What you need to know about Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a veneering process. It is a direct application process that is used to restructure a tooth or teeth that have been chipped or cracked, stained, or that are naturally misshapen or gapped. Because bonding involves the application of a high-quality resin, versus the porcelain on veneers, there may be the perception that will fall short. This isn’t always the case.

In the hands of an experienced cosmetic dentist, bonding becomes a work in artistry. It is a “by-hand” process. No molds, no structured path; just the recreation of the nuance of natural enamel. Yes, it takes work; but your dentist in our McLean office is up for the task.

Dental bonding offers:

  • Reversible results. Unlike the veneer process, bonding does not reduce the natural enamel on your tooth. This means that, should you ever want, the enhancement can be removed. The benefit of being reversible is more about the preservation of natural enamel than the ability to switch to a veneer if that is ever a preference.
  • Immediate results. Bonding is performed in the office. When you leave, it is with a beautiful new smile.
  • Outstanding appearance. Using a meticulous application, shaping, and polishing process, we create a final result that looks just like your natural tooth.

There are several instances in which bonding is an ideal procedure. To learn more, call 703-448-1020.



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