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Dental Bridges—An Introduction

Having missing teeth can significantly detract from your appearance, make simple tasks like eating and drinking harder, and leave you at risk for more oral health problems.

Fortunately, dental bridges offer a simple solution to those who are missing teeth. Keep reading to learn more.

What causes tooth loss?
Tooth loss can occur for a variety of reasons. While healthy habits will significantly increase your chances of keeping your teeth strong, you still may be at risk for tooth loss. The following issues can often lead to tooth loss:
• Injury or dental trauma
• Poor diet
• Poor oral hygiene
• Diabetes and other diseases
• Bruxism or grinding and clenching teeth
• Genetics
• Tobacco use
Unfortunately, once teeth are permanently lost, they do not grow back. Dental bridges, however, offer a solution to tooth loss that can restore your smile and make daily life easier.

What are dental bridges?
dental bridges | mclean vaDental bridges are used to fill in gaps where teeth are missing. Some types of bridges are permanently anchored into your mouth and others are removable.

Dental bridges fill in missing gaps with usable artificial teeth. These teeth are custom made to fit in with the rest of your smile so they look and function like normal teeth.

Three common types of dental bridges include:
• The Cantilever Bridge: This type of bridge is often used to replace missing front teeth.
• Resin-bonded Type Bridge: Replacement teeth are fused to metal bands and then resin is used to attach the metal bands to the abutment teeth.
• Traditional Fixed Bridge: This is a very common type of bridge. It is held in place with porcelain crowns and cannot be removed.
If you’d like to learn more about the types of bridges available, contact Galleria Dental Aesthetics.

What are the advantages of dental bridges?
Dental bridges come with functional and aesthetic advantages. Some benefits of choosing dental bridges include:
• Without dental bridges, the jawbone may become weaker and other teeth may shift. Dental bridges can help to prevent further oral health problems by keeping teeth in place and giving the jawbone something to support.
• Dental bridges can restore your appearance and make your smile look more attractive.
• Dental bridges can restore function, which makes it easier to speak, eat, and drink.
Schedule an appointment to learn more about dental bridges and other cosmetic dental treatments.

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