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Your Dental Exam Reveals More than you May Think

Your Dental Exam Reveals More than you May ThinkYou know that you should visit your dentist every six months. You know that this routine exam and cleaning could reveal a problem with your gums, or a cavity or sign of damage to teeth. These are all accurate assumptions. However, there is a lot more that could be revealed during your regular dental visits. This can be incredibly beneficial, if not slightly embarrassing, depending on how well you take care of your teeth in between exams and cleanings. Rest assured, if we notice something out of the ordinary in your mouth, our intent is not to lecture, but to develop a care plan around your unique needs.

What is your Mouth Revealing about you?

1. You flossed recently, but do not floss routinely. It is easy to forget to floss, at least until you make it a habit. Many people think that they can get by with a quick flossing session before they see the dentist. In reality, this will be obvious. Flossing prior to a dental exam could leave signs such as slight “slices” across the gums. This hurried activity will not, however, hide the fact that you haven’t been flossing. Without routine flossing, gums will look red and inflamed. Period.

2. You may have diabetes. Health issues like diabetes may be revealed during an oral exam because, in many cases, the breath becomes uniquely sweet. Diabetes also creates an inflammatory issue, which may be indicated in the gums.

3. You are stressed out. There are a couple of ways that stress can show up in your dental exam. One is that your front teeth may be very flat across the edges due to nail-biting. Another common indicator of stress is excessive wear of teeth at the sides or back of the mouth, suggesting that you clench or grind your jaw. Referred to as bruxism, this habit could ultimately cause TMJ disorder, characterized by clicking, popping, and pain.

Optimize your Health with Dental Care

Dentistry does focus somewhat on the health of your teeth and gums. However, your dentist can also help you prevent or manage health conditions that are revealed in your smile.

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