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When Good Breath Goes Bad

Common Causes of Halitosis

Halitosis is a condition that has been the butt of many, many jokes over the years. When it happens to you, it’s not funny at all. No one likes to be on the receiving end of the bad breath, and many of us worry that we may have bad breath but don’t know it. Here, we want to discuss some of the leading reasons why good breath may go bad, and what you can do about it.

It’s Dirty

Have you heard the term “dirty mouth?” It was coined several years ago by a certain chewing gum brand. Even before we knew what to call it, most of us experienced that sensation, that taste, from time to time. These indicators of dirty mouth quite literally mean that it’s time to freshen up the hygiene. Brushing is not for rushing. We are encouraged to keep at it for two minutes each time we perform this task. During that time, the brush should hit every possible tooth surface a few times. And, if flossing doesn’t follow, you’re falling short of your goal. Flossing is how debris and bacteria are removed from hidden places. Finally, bad breath often originates right on the tongue. With a scraper, it is possible to remove the nasties from the back of the mouth forward. Without bacteria hanging around, it is quite possible that you will enjoy freshness throughout the day.

It’s Dry

Dry mouth can create a lot more than bad breath. Saliva is necessary for healthy teeth, as well as for digestion. The continual, healthy flow of fluid also promotes a cleaner, healthier mouth by diluting residue that could invite bacteria to stick around. To resolve dry mouth may be as easy as sipping water every few minutes during the day. Sometimes, though, dry mouth is an actual condition that requires treatment. If water consumption doesn’t help dryness or your breath, schedule a visit with your dentist.

It’s Loose

Loose dentures set the stage for bad breath. These structures are intended for a tight fit over the arch of the gums. Space in between the two presents an opening for bacteria to accumulate in a hidden place. If you wear dentures, clean them daily with an appropriate antimicrobial cleaner. Improve the hygiene of dentures by brushing with a special denture brush (over a soft surface), and clean your gums, as well. Finally, schedule periodic denture checkups and relining with your dentist.

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