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Let us Give Thanks for our Teeth

dental care | mclean vaIt’s that time again! Do you ever notice how the Fall months seem to bring out the more grateful side of you? Maybe it’s the impending holidays, or it could be the enticing aroma of all those pumpkin spice lattes you and your coworkers are indulging in.

Whatever the reasons we find ourselves counting our blessings, we welcome this time of reflection. And because we are your friendly dental office, we are going to share with you some of the many reasons we give thanks for our teeth.

  1. Teeth make us look good. Of course, we know that you realize that it is your beautiful teeth that make your smile look as good as it does. But what if you aren’t crazy about the way your teeth look? Is there still something to feel grateful for? Absolutely! Your teeth are also a necessary structure for your face. If they weren’t there, your cheeks would sink inward, and so would your lips. You would look very, very old, long before your time. And, really, who needs to ever look “old” when we have so many wonderful ways to replace missing teeth?
  2. Teeth keep the tummy happy. This may sound strange, so stay with us on this one. Teeth function as tools to break down food. This is necessary in order for food to be properly digested. If chewing is uncomfortable, you may do this only on one side of your mouth. Another possibility is that you choose soft foods, rather than a wide variety of healthy foods. These two choices will limit nutrition. The other choice, to chew fast and furious just to get it down, will put your tummy to the test. Digestion is a “group effort” that needs your teeth to function properly.
  3. Your teeth can get you a job. What? This statement comes from data collected through multiple research studies. What researchers have discovered is that an attractive smile really can make a difference in getting that job, that promotion, or even that date.

We are thankful for our patients and for the relationships we have established to promote healthy smiles. To schedule your visit at Galleria Dental Aesthetics, call 703-448-1020.

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