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One Brush, Two Brush, Red Brush, Blue Brush… Picking Your Toothbrush

Picking your Toothbrush tips McLean VA | McLean VirginiaBrushing your teeth is the most basic part of dental healthcare at home. To ensure that your teeth brushing is completely effective, you’ll want to buy the best toothbrushes for your whole family. And we’re here to help!


If you’re raising a family, you’ll likely need to purchase a variety of different toothbrushes to accommodate every kid, every teenager, and every adult. While your kids will want the Avengers and Frozen-themed mini toothbrushes, the guidelines for choosing a high quality toothbrush are the same. The best toothbrushes will come in every fashionable style.


Consider these four factors when choosing your toothbrushes no matter the size, pattern, or color:


Manual or Electric – You likely grew up using a manual toothbrush that Santa stuffed in your Christmas stocking. Considering recent dental advances, electric toothbrushes can provide a much deeper clean. Plaque tends to settle in the crevices of your chewing surfaces, and an electric toothbrush can more effectively dislodge debris to prevent cavities. Whether you choose to purchase a manual or electric toothbrush, be sure to swap the brush every two to three months.


Soft, Medium, or Hard Bristles – Despite the misconception, tougher bristles don’t mean a deeper clean. In fact… if you’re using a toothbrush with bristles that are too rough on your teeth, your could do more harm than good. Most people should use soft bristles. Only choose a toothbrush with medium or hard bristles with a dentist recommendation.


Small, Medium, or Large – Every mouth is different. Some are wider, some are narrower. Some are longer, some are shorter. You likely need to purchase toothbrushes for a number of mouths. Make sure that you choose a toothbrush that will reach all the way to the back of your teeth. The adults and teenagers will likely use standard brushes, while your younger kids will need child-sized brushes.


ADA Certification – For all of your toothbrushes to be safe, high quality, and most effective, be sure that they are certified by the American Dental Association.


We’d love to help you find the best toothbrushes for your family! Give us a call if you have any questions.

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