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See Why Dental Implants are the New Gold Standard in Tooth Replacement

Dental Implants McLean VA | Dental Care McLean VirginiaTooth loss. It’s something that most people think will not happen to them. Of course, we don’t like to think about this possibility; we need our teeth! As the team that cares for your smile, we do all that we can to preserve your natural tooth structure. At the same time, we have obtained the training and the technology in our practice to adequately address the issue of tooth loss. This means going above and beyond the standard that has been intact for decades; it means considering the value of dental implants.

The Value of Function

Natural teeth feel, well, natural! When they are strong and healthy, your natural teeth serve their primary function of letting you eat whatever you like, including crunchy and chewy foods like apples and caramel. If tooth loss occurs, you quickly realize just how much functionality is affected. However, when you choose a method of replacement that reinstates natural oral structure, you also regain the feel you have known and loved throughout your life.

Dental implants are not like other forms of tooth replacement. This is probably because implants don’t replace missing teeth. The tiny titanium cylinders placed into the jaw in a precision, virtually painless procedure reinstate the necessary root structure beneath the gums. Stabilized by bone, these cylindrical posts restore the highest degree of chewing function dentistry has experienced.

The Value of Comfort

If you have ever struggled through a painful dental problem or worn a conventional denture, you have an ideal of the value of comfort. When we chew, we do not expect to endure sharp or shooting pains, or even soreness. However, if a denture does not fit well, its constant rubbing on delicate gum tissue can cause not only soreness, but actual sores. Ouch! Tooth replacement should not be a nuisance. It should be a way to regain what has been lost, and to preserve necessary structure.

The Value of Natural Oral Structure

The jaw was formed in a specific way for a reason. The roots of teeth are just as vital to this structure as the crowns of teeth. Without roots, or a suitable replacement thereof, bone tissue in the jaw is not stimulated to re-grow healthy new bone cells. Dental implant treatment minimizes the gradual breakdown of bone tissue, keeping the face looking youthful.

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