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The Value of Routine Dental Care

Dental Cleaning | McLean VAChances are you have been getting a consistent message about dental care since you were a child: see the dentist twice a year. It seems like a pretty simple thing to do to keep your mouth healthy. And yet, you may find yourself procrastinating. Maybe you put off scheduling your checkup because you brush as you have been taught and your teeth feel healthy. Maybe your procrastination is rooted in fear, or maybe it has nothing to do with your attitude toward dentistry and everything to do with a crazy-busy schedule.

Here, we want to take all those reasons away by reminding you what you have to gain by seeing your dentist twice a year.

  • Backup. Who doesn’t appreciate the services of a good wing-man? The role that your dentist plays in your oral health is one of support. We are your backup! We use tools like x-rays, photographs, and magnification to see what you cannot see when you brush and floss your teeth. What we might see is that, despite your effort, plaque has started to accumulate in one or more areas of your mouth. The second set of eyes on your teeth and gums can keep you from ongoing and uncomfortable problems down the road.
  • Why make mountains out of molehills? Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of routine dental care is that it really can keep you from inadvertently making a mountain out of a molehill. If you’ve never heard this phrase, it means to make a big problem out of a small one. This can happen in your mouth if you put off seeing the dentist, because most of the conditions that cause pain start out as minor ailments that could be treated conservatively. There is no benefit to waiting. Schedule your visit with us to prevent painful dental problems.
  • Tackle dental fears. We understand that, for many people, seeing the dentist is close to the last thing they’d like to do. Our experienced staff puts a great deal of effort into making every visit a pleasant one. This is more likely if you see us before you have a toothache. When you keep your regular appointments, it gives us a better opportunity to prevent problems. When there are no problems to fix, there is no need for shots or restorations, and this can help you overcome your fear of the dentist.

Call our McLean dental office at 703.448.1020 to schedule a convenient time for your checkup and cleaning.

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