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Are Dental Crowns a Permanent Fix?

Dental crowns are often spoken of as a permanent restoration or repair. To the extent that the work done in preparing teeth for crowns is permanent this is absolutely true, but to refer to dental crowns as a permanent fix is misleading. The experienced cosmetic doctors at Galleria Dental Aesthetics point out that it is more accurate to say that dental crowns, like porcelain veneers, inlays and onlays are a long-term restoration.

Life-Expectancy of a Dental Crown

How long a dental crown will last depends on how it is cared for and what it is exposed to. Properly cared for and treated gently, you can expect your tooth crown to last ten or more years. Here are some tips for making your dental crowns last as long as possible:

•     Good oral hygiene extends the life of your crown

•     Avoid extremes of hot or cold foods and drinks

•     Avoid sticky foods such as hard caramels or taffy as these can pull your crowns off

•     Avoid biting through hard foods such as candy or ice

•     Seek treatment if you grind your teeth or have other habits that involve any impact between your teeth

Other Dental Crown Cautions

One other thing to watch for with dental crowns is deterioration of the cement. Crowns occasionally come off, but can often be recemented. If this happens, clean your crown and protect it in a plastic bag immediately. Contact our office for an appointment to have it recemented as soon as possible.

If you would like to learn more about dental crowns from Northern Virginia’s top rated cosmetic dentists please contact us at Galleria Dental Aesthetics serving Tysons Corner or Alexandria and nearby communities.

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