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Dental Implants: Moving Beyond Myth

dental implants | mclean vaTooth loss is something that we may not give much thought to. If we do, it is something that happens to “someone else.” You may not expect to lose a tooth until you are quite old, if ever, thanks to the good care that you provide each day. Truth be told, tooth loss is still a problem that adults may encounter unexpectedly. While most of those who do are able to replace the tooth or teeth that they have lost, we now know that the way teeth are replaced matters about as much as having them replaced at all.

Decades ago, the norm was to replace tooth structure only. That included making a well-fit bridge or denture. As you may  know, there really is no such thing as a denture that fits perfectly. This is because the bone changes over time, making it necessary to modify the overlying appliance every now and then. Today, the problems associated with conventional tooth replacement are relatively easy to overcome. All one has to do is see their implant dentist. The problem, as we see in our McLean office, is that there are still misperceptions about dental implants that keep patients from their best results. Here, we want to put these myths to bed for good.

Implants are not affordable.

If you look only at the initial cost of dental implant treatment, you may fall for the myth that this form of restoration is too high. However, when you look into the future of your smile, you will see the opposite. Dental implants are tiny posts made of biocompatible titanium. Titanium is the same metal used in hip replacement surgery due to its durability and simple integration into human tissue. When implants become surrounded by bone, they are fully stabilized for a lifetime of use. Barring any unforeseen problem, such as serious gum disease, implants should not need to be replaced. From this perspective, implant treatment is extremely cost-effective.

Oral surgery? Ouch!

There aren’t many people who can look at oral surgery with a complete absence of fear. The idea of someone “operating” on your mouth may cause anxiety. However, the fact that dental implant treatment is classified as an oral surgery does not indicate that the procedure is complex – or that it is extraordinarily painful. The same local anesthetic that keeps you comfortable during a root canal or filling treatment prevents pain during implant surgery. Also, patients of our office may further improve their experience with sedation dentistry techniques.

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