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Are Dental Implants Very Painful?

Dental implants are a safe, effective, and permanent way to restore beauty and functionality to your smile. For a majority of patients, this process is entirely painless. In the rare case that you experience moderate to severe pain, our doctors can prescribe medications to increase your comfort level.

We know how important it is to feel safe and comfortable during dental procedures. If you are worried or anxious about your implant surgery, we can discuss your options for conscious sedation to put you at ease. We want you to have a positive dental implant placement experience, and we make sure that all of your concerns or questions about dental implants are addressed.

During and After Your Dental Implant Procedure

To place dental implants, a small hole is drilled directly into your jawbone by one of our experienced implant dentists. Don’t worry! This process sounds much more frightening than it actually is.

At Galleria Dental Aesthetics, we use local anesthesia to completely numb the surgical area prior to implant placement, so you won’t feel any pain. Many patients even find this process less invasive than simple tooth extractions.

We will instruct you on how to care for your dental implant to help minimize the risk of any complications. Be sure to follow our dental implant care instructions closely to keep the surgical area clean and free of infection during the healing process.

You may feel some mild discomfort in the days following your initial implant placement. However, this pain should be temporary and can usually be relieved with common over-the-counter pain medications like acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

If you have more questions about dental implants in Northern Virginia, please contact the implant dentists at Galleria Dental Aesthetics or stop by our dentistry practice in McLean, Virginia near Tysons Corner.

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