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How Tooth Replacement is Maximized by Dental Implants

Dental Implants McLean VA | Arlington We are much more informed today about hygiene than our ancestors were. The awareness and skills that are now common have substantially reduced instances of complete tooth failure. We often refer to this condition as tooth loss, but failure is a much better term because severely damaged teeth are usually extracted before they fall out. Regardless of how one gets to this point, what we do after that is integral to the quality of life.

In our McLean family and cosmetic dentistry practice, we think it is important to perform care to a high standard. To do so means that we offer treatments that will support the utmost in function. To merely replace tooth structure does not achieve this high standard. That is why we are proud to offer dental implant treatment.

What Success Looks Like

Tooth replacement needs to be ultimately successful. What that looks like, to us, is the restoration of the structure. Naturally, teeth are tethered to the jawbone. This is why they don’t fall out. Therefore, to reinstate adequate structure, we’ve to put a foundation in place on which replacement teeth can be anchored. At this time, that foundation is a series of titanium posts.

When we successfully recreate natural structure, you gain:

  • Teeth that last. Our natural teeth should be permanent, but this doesn’t always happen. Dental implant treatment seeks to achieve permanence by situating titanium posts in the jaw, where they will become encased by bone. This fusion of bone tissue around implants solidifies their presence, potentially for life.
  • Teeth that function. It may seem like artificial teeth in a standard denture are functional. Initially, they may be. Over time, however, most people who wear dentures complain of instability. If not maintained, the fit of a denture can become so loose that dentures completely slide out of the mouth. We can prevent this from happening by placing a few dental implants into the mouth for a denture to affix to. Then, you can bite and chew and smile and speak just as you would with normal teeth.
  • Teeth that are easy to maintain. Oral hygiene is always important, whether to maintain natural teeth or to maintain artificial replacement teeth. In many cases, the affixed structure can be brushed and flossed or irrigated without needing to be removed.

Knowing you have options can make the tooth-replacement journey more productive. Learn more about our restorative services at 703-448-1020.

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