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Are White Fillings as Strong as Metal?

Cosmetic dentistry procedures each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes concepts, such as the strength of a filling can be a bit misleading. The cosmetic dentists at Galleria Dental Aesthetics have concluded from their research and experience that white fillings are as strong as metal fillings and are far superior to them, overall. White fillings are made from tooth-bonding composite resin or ceramic dental porcelain. Metal fillings are made from a silver/mercury combination.

Comparing the Strength of White Fillings to Metal Fillings

While the metal used for silver/mercury fillings is harder than composite resin, hardness does not mean strength or better function as a filling material. Where a composite resin filling may not show promise for withstanding bite pressure, white fillings made of porcelain inlays or onlays are an ideal alternative.

Factors that Affect the Strength of Fillings

Composite resin fillings do not require as much drilling and removal of the tooth as metal fillings. This leaves more tooth structure intact, which means a stronger tooth that is less likely to chip, crack, or break.

Composite resin fillings do not expand contract when exposed to heat or cold as metal fillings do. Metal fillings do expand contract and can eventually form cracks in healthy tooth structure.

Composite resin fillings bond to the tooth better versus metal fillings which allow bacteria to seep between the filling and the tooth. This is a perfect opportunity for decay-causing bacteria to enter and cause more damage to the remaining natural tooth.

To learn more about the advantages of white fillings from experienced cosmetic dentists in Tysons Corner, Alexandria and Northern Virginia, please contact Galleria Dental Aesthetics for a personal consultation.

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