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Solving Your Bad Breath Problem

Treatment for bad breath depends on the cause of the odor. One cause of bad breath is a dry mouth. Bacteria thrive in your mouth when it’s dry, and they can lead to breath odor. Good dental hygiene is critical to removing these bacteria as well as bad-breath-causing food particles around your teeth.

Mouth odor can also be caused by eating certain foods like garlic, the oils of which enter your bloodstream and pass through your lungs and emit odor when you exhale. Many medications and medical conditions can cause bad breath.

Depending on the source of odor, you may be able to treat bad breath by:

  • Drinking water throughout the day to prevent dry mouth.
  • Switching to a non-alcohol mouthwash to prevent dry mouth.
  • Improving your oral hygiene routine to include brushing at least twice a day, flossing once a day and visiting the dentist regularly for a cleaning.

If one of our dentists sees signs of infection, gum disease or other health problems that may be causing bad breath, we will develop a treatment plan or recommend you see your family doctor.

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