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How to stop Gum Recession

There are several possible causes of gum recession, a condition in which your gum tissue recedes and pulls away from your teeth. These possible causes include:

If there are certain lifestyle factors you can control – such as smoking or brushing your teeth too hard – you may be able to stop gum recession by managing these factors. In most cases, you should visit a dentist to find out the exact cause of gum recession and the best way to prevent it.

Deep cleaning your teeth and gums is often the first approach to treatment. Our dentists use deep cleaning techniques to reach below the gum line and reduce the bacteria dwelling there. Bacteria and plaque may also be removed from the tooth roots. If the infection in your gums is severe and has led to bone loss and serious damage, then gum surgery may be required. You should visit our dentists as soon as possible if you are concerned about gum recession, because early intervention is the best way to halt the problem.

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