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Tips for Maintaining Oral Health and Wellness

Dental HealthHaving a healthy smile that is free from tooth decay and periodontal disease is easily achievable with the right team by your side. At Galleria Dental Aesthetics, our dental providers encourage patients to learn more about oral health and wellness so they can better understand the importance of routine procedures and daily care.

How to maintain a healthy smile

There are many steps that patients need to consider when it involves maintaining oral health and wellness. Below are a few suggestions for patients to follow to keep their smile beautiful!

  • Brushing – after every meal, even snacks, patients should ensure that they remove food particles, sugars, and acids from the surfaces of the teeth by brushing their teeth. This should always be done with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste that can remove everything from the natural tooth enamel.
  • Flossing – after brushing, patients should take the time after every meal to floss their teeth. Flossing can help in removing food particles that may become stuck between the teeth and can contribute to tooth decay, periodontal disease, and even bad breath.
  • Routine examinations – patients should never miss their routine dental visits with the team at Galleria Dental Aesthetics. These appointments should be booked every six months. The dental team will evaluate the health of the smile, which may include x-rays, and will provide a thorough cleaning. At this point, patients may receive a diagnosis of any problems that may be present and are able to ask the dental team about effective treatments.
  • Proactive care – if you are experiencing a toothache or are noticing your gums bleeding when you brush and floss, you may require extra care. Patients should never avoid the dentist when changes occur to the smile. Call to make an appointment between recall visits to handle problems as soon as they start for a better, less expensive outcome.

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McLean, VA area patients who are ready to achieve a healthy smile are welcome to contact the practice of Drs. Chong Lee, Joseph Oh, and Kirsten Lee. Our professionals are here and willing to assist individuals in obtaining the smile of their dreams and maintain their oral health for many years to come. Call (703) 448-1020 and visit our practice at 1600 Tysons Boulevard, Ste. #120.

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