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What Can Cause the Wearing of Natural Tooth Enamel?

Tooth erosion, or the loss of natural tooth enamel, is a condition that needs to be addressed with the assistance of a professional dental team. Drs. Chong Lee, Joseph Oh, and Kirsten Lee of McLean, VA are committed to helping patients keep their teeth strong and healthy. Our dentists at Galleria Dental Associates encourage patients to speak to our team about tooth erosion and restoration.

What is tooth enamel?

Our dentists describe tooth enamel as the outer covering of the natural tooth that provides a tough, protective shell for the mass of tissues, called the dental pulp, that are inside. The dental pulp includes the nerves and blood supply that keeps the tooth alive. Tooth enamel can be stained, broken, or even worn down and can result in unwanted sensitivity. The enamel of the tooth is there to protect the teeth from daily use, including biting and chewing.

What causes tooth erosion?

The erosion of the natural enamel is a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible before it becomes  a bigger problem. This is especially true due to the fact that tooth enamel, unlike a bone in the body, cannot be repaired, and the damage done is permanent. Some of the reasons why a patient may experience tooth erosion include:

  • Drinking beverages with high levels of citric and phosphoric acids (sodas and fruit juices, especially)
  • Low salivary flow, including conditions that cause dry mouth (xerostomia)
  • A diet high in sugars and starches
  • Conditions such as acid reflux and other gastrointestinal problems
  • Certain medications, including antihistamines and aspirin
  • Genetics
  • Wear and tear caused by clenching or grinding of the teeth, including bruxism

Consult with our professionals today to learn more about tooth erosion and treatment

The loss of natural tooth enamel needs to be addressed with a dental professional as soon as possible. We encourage patients in and around the area of McLean, VA to speak to our team about their oral health care needs, especially if tooth erosion has occurred. Call the practice at (703) 448-1020 and visit at 1600 Tysons Boulevard, Ste. #120 to schedule your appointment and discuss your dental needs with a team committed to your oral health and wellness.

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