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Straighter Teeth, Better Oral Health: Why you Should Consider Invisalign

For obvious reasons, nearly all of us would prefer to have what we would describe as a winning smile. This typically includes teeth that are white and straight. Historically, the “straight” trait could be accomplished only with metal braces. Again for obvious reasons, adults wanting a straighter smile tend to put off the care they need with this as their only option. Patients of Arlington dentist Dr. Lee don’t have to accept a metal smile to achieve their own winning smile. With Invisalign, there are benefits that extend far beyond cosmetic improvement.

Tooth alignment and oral health
invisalignWhile the primary intent of many adults seeking orthodontic treatment is to look better, correcting misalignment also benefits oral health. The mouth contains millions of bacteria. These living organisms feed on food debris, and they collect in hard-to-reach places like in between teeth. When one tooth overlaps another, or there is excess space in between teeth, bacteria can accumulate in tight areas not easily reached with toothbrush or floss. The plaque and bacteria that collect on teeth invite decay and infection.

Misalignment can also affect the way teeth fit together when you chew. This issue, referred to as malocclusion, can lead to excessive stress on the temporomandibular joints. In an attempt to adapt, these joints are overworked to a point of dysfunction, which can result in chronic facial, head, and neck pain.

Invisalign: Your New Option for Correction
The Invisalign method of treating misalignment has become incredibly popular in the past decade. Because of this treatment option, more adults are seeking the care they need to feel better about their smile. Invisalign differs from traditional orthodontia in its structural components. Instead of metal fixtures, this system gently encourages predictable movement via clear, plastic trays.

The design of Invisalign trays makes them more discreet and also more comfortable. Because aligners fit snuggly around teeth, there are no sharp edges that may catch on the lips or soft tissue inside the mouth. Because clear, durable plastic is used to make trays, it is virtually impossible to observe them in the smile. Finally, aligners are removable, which allows for normal eating and oral hygiene.

With the numerous benefits of Invisalign, you have every reason to schedule your consultation for treatment. Call (703) 448-1020 to see what Invisalign can do for you.

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