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How does my oral health care change while I’m pregnant?

During pregnancy, women experience a variety of changes that impact their child and their overall health and wellness. While most women feel as though dental care is not at the forefront of their concerns, this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is because oral health care changes during pregnancy, making it vital that women put dental care as a priority.

What can happen to the smile during pregnancy?

There are many hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy that can cause changes in the smile. These changes often require treatment or monitoring by a dental professional. Dr. Chong Lee and the team at Galleria Dental Aesthetics in McLean, VA are committed to educating women on what to expect during this time. Below are just a few things to watch for during pregnancy when it comes to one’s oral health:

  • Periodontal disease. During pregnancy, hormone levels can make it easier for periodontal disease to develop and spread. This condition is also linked to low birth weights and preterm delivery. By monitoring oral health, many women can ensure a healthy pregnancy—and a healthy smile!
  • Pregnancy tumors. A common concern for many women are pregnancy tumors that will develop on the soft tissues of the mouth, typically in the second trimester of pregnancy. This may cause swelling, bleeding, and raw tissues that are uncomfortable. These tumors, which are benign, often subside after birth but should be brought to a dentist’s attention for further evaluation.
  • X-rays. Pregnancy women should not have x-rays done to reduce their exposure to radiation. It is important that women tell their dentist and dental team that they are pregnant to not only avoid completing x-rays, but to provide specialized care and attention.

Have you recently found out that you’re pregnant?

First off, congratulations! This is an exciting time and a wonderful journey for many women who are looking to start or expand their family. However, now is also the time to request a cleaning and evaluation with a dentist to monitor for changes that can occur during pregnancy to the natural smile. Call Galleria Dental Aesthetics of McLean, Virginia today at (703) 448-1020 to schedule an appointment.

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