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A Facelift for Your Smile

porcelain veneers mclean va | arlingtonEven in the day and age of injectable anti-aging treatments, the facelift still reigns supreme. We could assume that this is because facelift surgery achieves permanent results. Sure, the face keeps aging with time, but the person who has had a facelift will always look younger than their biological age.The whole purpose of getting a true face for the face is to feel better about one’s appearance. Well, we propose that it is possible to do the same with the smile. Here, we want to discuss how porcelain veneers can be the perfect facelift for your teeth.

Veneers are covers that are individually made to fit onto a tooth or teeth. This type of treatment is an efficient way to disguise a variety of imperfections that degrade the smile. Common uses for porcelain veneers include discoloration or obvious staining, chips, spacing issues, and minimal misalignment of one or more teeth (turning). To observe porcelain veneers as a facelift for your smile is to give yourself the opportunity to refresh your whole face in a minimally-invasive way.

How many veneers are needed?

One of the reasons that porcelain veneers have become so popular is because their benefits have been broadcasted on notable television makeover shows. At the same time, the use of veneers on such shows has led to a notion that a smile makeover involves a full set of veneers to cover every tooth in the smile. This extent of coverage is not necessary for every person.

The number of veneers that is needed to bring out the smile’s natural beauty varies from one person to another. If your primary concern is a gap between two teeth, then you may need only two veneers to close that extra space symmetrically. If you would like all of your teeth to look longer and more complementary to your age, you may determine that a full set of veneers is, in fact, the most appropriate choice.

It is not a stretch to see how the appearance of your teeth can affect your entire facial aesthetic. To give them both a boost, schedule a visit to our McLean office. Face to face, we can observe your teeth and discuss a treatment protocol that will provide you with the enhancements you want.

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