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Teeth Whitening | Mclean VAWe have all heard the old adage “you get what you pay for.” This statement can apply to just about anything you invest in, but it is especially true when it comes to your smile.

Millions of people wish to change something about their smile. Removing stains is one of the quickest, most convenient, and most affordable ways to transform the appearance of your teeth and, really, your entire face. Bright teeth are associated with youth and vitality. Additionally, when you have a dazzling smile, people are naturally inclined to react to you in a positive manner. This is because the attractive smile indicates genuine kindness and warmth, success, popularity, and even wealth.

Should you DIY your Smile?

Due to the societal demand for beauty; for beautiful teeth, manufacturing companies have developed a myriad of products that look quite promising. Of course, there are also the true DIY methods like baking soda and lemon, as well. So which method is best for your needs? Perhaps a better question is are these methods even safe!

Hundreds of years ago, the desire for white teeth existed just as it does today. Historical evidence suggests that ancient civilizations coated teeth with acidic substances such as vinegar, and rubbed them with pumice. Does this sound anything like lemon and baking soda? It should. And like our ancient ancestors, individuals who try this method today meet the same fate: erosion. Your teeth only have so much enamel! Don’t wear it down unnecessarily trying to remove stains. If too much erosion occurs, your teeth will become even more yellowed due to the appearance of underlying dentin showing through.

Getting Optimal Results Safely and Quickly

Cosmetic dental treatments like teeth whitening are very gentle and effective. That does not mean that you want to trust your teeth to any old treatment. Your dentist performs teeth whitening with a bleach solution that has been clinically tested and proven. Treatment is also performed after a thorough exam that identifies the type of staining that needs to be addressed. Some stains cannot be treated with teeth whitening.

Galleria Dental Aesthetics offers in-office and home whitening. Each has its benefits, and each achieves the same gorgeous result you will love. Learn more about the proven, effective ways to whiten your teeth. Call (703) 957-7069.

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