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Do You Know These Tips for Maintaining a Bright Smile?

Teeth Whitening McLean, VAThe value of a brilliant smile is well-known. We have come to recognize our inherent admiration for beautiful smiles and, not only that but also to realize our own desire to have teeth that stand out for all the right reasons. Many adults understand that their professional and social efficiency is related to the appearance of their teeth. Studies have demonstrated the benefits of white teeth as being a better overall image and greater success in life, and let’s not forget the boost in confidence that comes with loving the way your smile looks.

We know that we like to observe attractive smiles. We know having a beautiful, shining smile can benefit us. But do we also know how to get and keep the look we want? Let’s see.

Getting a Great Smile

We often see tips for keeping the smile bright. For the majority of people, though, the real first question should be “how do a get a great smile?” We can’t get a whiter smile by following tips on keeping teeth white. First, we need to make our teeth white. In our McLean cosmetic dentistry offices, we do this with professional-grade whitening gel. That gel may be applied here in the office and activated with light for immediate results. Another option that is highly popular (and practical) is home whitening treatments. Whichever system is used, the ultimate reward is a new standard for beauty. It is only from this point that tips for maintaining a white smile are genuinely useful.

Keeping a Great Smile

Now that teeth have been relieved of their stains, it is possible to set new habits into motion to slow the future accumulation of discoloration. Yes, teeth will get dull again at some point. This is simply because teeth have pores and there is no way to keep tiny particles from entering them. However, with good habits, fewer particles can permeate surface enamel. These habits include:

  • Stay vigilant with oral care. Daily brushing and flossing often feel even more rewarding after cosmetic treatment like teeth whitening because you have something tangible to lose if you don’t take great care of your teeth.
  • Eat strategically. Let’s just admit that we cannot avoid all the foods that can stain our teeth. Why try? Instead, develop strategies to complement your meals and snacks. One tip for cleaning teeth easily is to enjoy a crunchy piece of fresh fruit or vegetable at the end of a meal, or as snacks throughout the day. The crunchiness of fresh foods activates saliva glands and also acts as a natural toothbrush to remove residue from teeth.
  • More strategizing. If the goal is to keep teeth white, water is a must-have. Did you know that erosion can cause discoloration? Did you know that, when you eat or drink anything but water, your enamel is somewhat soft for about thirty minutes? For this reason, we suggest rinsing teeth with water after meals instead of brushing.

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