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Pain Medication and TMJ

Pain Medication and TMJ

There are any number of medications used to address occasional headaches and facial pain. Unfortunately, when this discomfort is caused by TMJ, no amount of medication will prevent its reoccurrence. Worse still, many analgesics can cause serious health concerns when used daily, making them ill-suited for treating TMJ pain.

Symptoms of TMJ can include:

  • Pain and swelling in the jaw
  • Generalized facial pain
  • Migraine headaches
  • Ear pain and ringing
  • Pressure and pain in the sinuses and behind the eyes
  • Neck and backache

This type of pain may, under some circumstances, respond well to medications. When they are caused by TMJ, however, any relief medications offer will be temporary at best and potentially harmful at worst.

The neuromuscular dentists at our office are specially trained to diagnose and treat TMJ. Utilizing the latest in dental technology, we can help relieve current discomfort while designing treatments that prevent future pain from occurring. If you are tired of trying to manage pain by addressing symptoms alone, please visit our McLean office for a treatment consultation to learn how addressing the underlying problem can help ensure lasting comfort.

To schedule your neuromuscular dentistry consultation, please contact Galleria Dental Aesthetics. We serve McLean and surrounding Virginia communities.

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