“I had older veneers and my habit of eating lemons had made them all pitted. At first, Dr. Oh was using bonding to fix the pits, then we decided to redo the veneers. What a difference, my new veneers are so much more attractive and natural looking then my old ones ever were. Dr. Oh just brings a different level of quality and care to his dentistry. He also brings a different level of emotion – he genuinely cares about improving his patients’ overall health and confidence. He has even inspired patients to lose weight, supporting them in ways that go way beyond dentistry.”


“My wife wanted me to see Dr. Lee. I had a bridge that didn’t match and I was missing two teeth in the back. It didn’t bother me much, but I did hold back my smile so that you couldn’t see that any teeth were missing.

“When I went to see Dr. Lee I saw photos on the wall, and suddenly I could envision where my smile could be! I believe that Dr. Lee is a doctor that looks at his work with an artist’s eye. He unifies your look but he also considers how your teeth feel together. Dr. Lee placed upper veneers and designed a bridge that matched the rest of my teeth. I definitely smile more and I smile bigger too. I think if more people knew about these procedures they would explore them. It gives you so much more confidence!”


“I first came to Dr. Lee for a cleaning. I knew my teeth were beginning to look a bit older and some stains between my teeth were becoming more noticeable. Dr. Lee showed me some ways to help make my smile bright and youthful again.

“I always had bad teeth and I was always embarrassed by them. Kids told me I looked like a snake with fangs. They were also dark yellow and always breaking. I was so ashamed of them that I never smiled. TMJ was a real problem for me too – my trigeminal nerve was infected, I was losing my hearing in my right ear, and I had constant headaches and neck aches. I went all over the US looking for the right dentist and I consulted with many of them, but I knew I wanted to wait until I found just the right dentist. I finally found Dr. Lee in an airline magazine.

“Dr. Lee is so professional and clean. I knew he would stop at nothing to make sure the job was done right. Dr. Lee and his team even worked late to make sure that my permanent restorations were completed in time for a big meeting I had. He did a full-mouth reconstruction and it has made such a difference. It is something I have wanted to do since I was eight years old! I am happier and people are always insisting that I have had a facelift or that I have lost weight. I am so happy that I don’t even wear make-up half the time!”


“I had been seeing Dr. Lee for my general dentistry. He is a really excellent dentist so when I decided to have something done about my tetracycline staining and chipping, I thought I would probably come to Dr. Lee. But when I heard others talking about his wonderful reputation, and realized the kind of technology he was working with, I didn’t hesitate. I had 10 upper veneers placed, bleaching on my lowers, and some gum recontouring.

“Now I smile all the time. My mom said I smiled for a week straight after the procedures. I don’t try to hide my teeth anymore. I had a huge jump in confidence!”


“I went to a fashion seminar at Neiman Marcus, and though there were several doctors there, Dr. Lee was the only dentist. He showed us how a smile can change your looks. I had seen pictures of myself in magazines and hated the way my front crowns looked dark. These crowns needed to be replaced but I didn’t realize how beautiful and natural they could look. I decided to visit Dr. Lee and was just amazed at his office and his team. He must lead his team through charm school! They are just so delightful, checking on you all the time making you feel so special, like a queen.

“My smile looks so much nicer now. I am completely satisfied – the work looks so natural.”


“I had a bridge on my right side replaced, and a new bridge made for the lower left side. When I went to Dr. Lee, I was truly miserable. I could not chew on the left side at all without getting food trapped deep into my jaw, and I could not chew on the right side due to pain, which my dentist said required a root canal. As a lawyer I have to talk, but this dental work made me so self-conscious. I was stressed every time I ate. I couldn’t even eat a salad for fear of having trapped food showing when I talked! I was also having headaches, neck pain, pain in my shoulders and ringing in my ears. I didn’t realize how often I was taking medication for headaches until I didn’t have to take it anymore. Plus, my teeth were different colors and shapes; I literally hated my smile. Fortunately, instead of going back to that dentist to get the root canal, I had my first consultation with Dr. Lee.

“I found Dr. Lee through an airline magazine ad and then I looked him up on-line. Dr. Lee is great. He took a lot of time explaining the process and showing me before and after photos. It was unlike any exam I’ve ever had. We decided on a full-mouth reconstruction and I feel and look so much better. I truly love my smile more than ever. And, once Dr. Lee adjusted my bite, it turned out I didn’t’ need the root canal after all! I feel more confident in business and when I go to social events. I came to Dr. Lee for my physical problem but when you add the aesthetics for both health and appearance, it’s a win/win situation!”


“As a dancer, I have a high pain threshold. But five years ago, I started having migraines. I went through a lot of preventative medications, saw a neurologist, tried acupressure and massage therapy, but the headaches continued. They were daily and really started to interfere with my life.

“I had seen an article about Dr. Lee and thought it was time to look into neuromuscular dentistry. Dr. Lee performed a full-mouth reconstruction. I trusted him to do it in a way that would reflect my style and me. He did the uppers and lowers and my headaches went away! It’s remarkable that I don’t have to think about pain anymore; I don’t have to adapt anymore. I can just go on with my life. Plus, people are always telling me, “Gosh, you look great; you look so relaxed – you look good! Nice to see you smiling.”


“I have always been self-conscious about my teeth and smile. I had gone the braces route when I was in my 30s and then tried bleaching in order to do everything possible to improve my smile. For the past several years I had to take medications which made me more prone to cavities and I was making more trips to the office for fillings, crowns, etc. I approached Dr. Lee about other options to keep my teeth and smile healthy. He told me about veneers and the benefits they would bring to the health of my smile.

“Dr. Lee has been my dentist for over fifteen years and I trust him completely. His entire staff is not only highly professional, but they always know everyone by name and are so caring and personable. When Dr. Lee showed me what a difference veneers would make in my appearance and in my health, I told him – let’s do it! It’s the best decision I ever made. The procedure only took a few visits and now I have a smile I’m proud of and my teeth are the healthiest they have been in a long time. Thank you, Dr. Lee.”


“Dr. Lee’s team is so wonderful and friendly. Bessie is especially warm. When I decided to have some bleaching done and upper veneers placed, I felt completely confident in their care and expertise. Now a lot of people tell me I have gorgeous teeth. And when I see myself in pictures – wow – I can really see a difference!”

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