Our temperomandibular joint (TMJ) or any temporomandibular disorders (TMD) control our range of motion in the neck and jaw area.  The TMJ is the ball and socket which allows us to chew, talk, yawn, and controls our mouth movements.

The piece of cartilage which is the buffer between the ball and socket joint in our jaw can sometimes wear out or become damaged.  This can occur due to stress caused by grinding or clenching our teeth and jaw.  Our Northern Virginia TMJ/TMD specialists have a number of ways to combat TMJ pain and set you rapidly on the road to recovery.


What Causes the TMJ Pain?

Everyone is affected by their TMJ pain or TMD in a unique and individual way. The primary symptoms of TMJ pain are:

1)         Jaw pain or pain around your jaw joints

2)         Popping or clicking in your jaw joints

3)         Limited mouth opening

4)         Locking of your jaw or mouth

These triggers can lead to more serious issues like:

  • Sinus headaches
  • Migraines
  • Shoulder and neck stiffness
  • Tingling or numbness in fingers

Because your teeth, muscles, and jaw joints are all involved with TMD, treatment options can vary. Our Northern Virginia dentists at Galleria Dental Aesthetics work with you to find the right treatment option.  Whether it is through developing a mouthguard to correct any jaw clenching or teeth grinding or finding the right jaw stretching exercises or medications to promote healing.

When you are looking for Northern Virginia TMJ treatment, please contact our Galleria Dental Aesthetics professional neuromuscular dentists.  Call (877) 268-2442 to schedule your initial appointment.

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