Your Dental Implant Questions Answered

DermaFracThey sound scary, right?  Dental implants.  What exactly is getting implanted? What is the procedure like? And perhaps more importantly… how much does it hurt?

We get it.  The thought of dental implants can be overwhelming.  So we’ve assembled our most frequently asked questions here.  If there’s something on your mind we haven’t answered, give us a call.


How does a dental implant work?

Implants are just that… implants fused to your jawbone.  Implants give an artificial tooth a stable place in your mouth, ensuring they won’t shift or move while eating or speaking.  A post is embedded in your jawbone, and a tooth is affixed to that post.


Are dental implants comfortable?

Most patients report implants feel more like regular teeth than dentures or bridges.


Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Only a dental exam can determine for sure, but if your gums and jawbone are healthy, it is possible implants may work for you.


Will my adjacent teeth need to be modified before the implant?

In most cases, surrounding teeth will not be affected by a dental implant.  That’s the beauty of it!  The new tooth will be placed on a post, and other teeth will not need to be modified to accommodate it.


Is there more than one kind of implant?

Yes.  There are 2 varieties of implants. Endosteal implants and  subperiosteal implants.  A thorough dental exam can help determine which one might be right for you.  We’ll evaluate your situation and make a recommendation based on your needs and unique situation.


What else should I know about dental implants?

Implants aren’t the perfect solution for everyone.  Determining what is right for you will require a thorough dental evaluation.  If you are committed to oral hygiene and regular dental visits, dental implants may be a good solution to replace missing and decayed teeth.

If you are ready to evaluate whether dental implants are good for you, give our office call.  We’re happy to perform an exam and make a recommendation.

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