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Take up to Ten Years Off of Your Face in One Hour

Teeth Whitening McLean, VA | ArlingtonAnti-aging. It’s something that has changed over time, but an aspect of growing older that has become a natural part of the process. We notice lines and wrinkles, and we have them softened with injectables or other treatment. Many of the beauty treatments that we turn to today are capable of turning back the clock on the face 10 to 15 years. Injectables are commonly used to achieve this goal, and take only about an hour to complete. Another way to turn back the hands of time is to revive your smile. In our McLean office, we make this as easy as possible.

Why Your Teeth Need a Dentist for Brightening

Just like there are creams and serums that claim to reduce the signs of aging on the skin, there are products that revolve around teeth whitening without the help of a dentist. Whitening toothpaste and strips that contain some peroxide are widely sold, but minimally effective. That is because stains don’t live on the surface of teeth for long; they go inward and settle near the dentin, the second layer of material. To reach the debris that has caused discoloration, a product must be powerful enough to penetrate the tubules of enamel.

Teeth Whitening Options from your Dentist

The two most common forms of teeth whitening offered by dentists are in-office whitening and home whitening. Some people think that they need to have their teeth whitened for them to get a radiant smile. This isn’t the case unless home whitening is not performed consistently. Both methods of stain removal are just as effective, and each can significantly lift the shade of enamel. Patients of our McLean office can benefit from our level of care regardless of their selected whitening treatment, and they can expect to achieve great results.

Your Smile and Your Age

We have learned throughout history that teeth do get darker as we age. Not because of genetics or other biological factors, but simply because of what we eat and drink. History has also taught us that discolored teeth give the impression of age. However old you are, though, your smile doesn’t have to reflect that. Teeth whitening is a great way to rejuvenate the youthful nature of your face.

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