9 Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Teeth

dental health mclean vaYour daily habits can keep your teeth healthy or they can cause permanent damage. Keep reading to learn about common mistakes that damage your teeth.

1. Brushing Too Hard

Brushing your teeth two or three times a day is important, but brushing too hard can damage your enamel. Instead of brushing hard, brush your teeth gently using small circular motions and brush for at least two minutes. Be sure to floss at least once a day to dislodge anything that gets stuck and clean areas your toothbrush can’t reach.

2. Being Overzealous With Whiteners

White teeth are a sign of youth and health, but using over the counter whitening strips can be hard on your enamel. If you want whiter teeth, consult your dentist so that you can have them whitened professionally and safely.

3. Chewing Ice Cubes

While some people find ice cubes soothing, they can seriously damage your teeth. Chewing things that are too hard (like ice cubes) can crack your teeth and leave them more vulnerable to infection.

4. Using Your Teeth To Open Things

Using your teeth to open bottles or other tear into packages can also result in cracks and damage to your teeth.

5. Consuming Too Much Sugar

Sugar makes it easier for bacteria to grow inside your mouth, which can lead to gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss. Sugary beverages, hard candy that coats your teeth, and other foods high in sugar can contribute to real oral health problems.

6. Drinking Acidic Beverages

Acid breaks down your enamel, so when you drink acidic beverages like coffee, wine, and fruit juice you may be harming your enamel. You don’t necessarily have to give up acidic beverages entirely, instead sip your coffee and juice through a straw and rinse your mouth out with water after drinking something acidic.

7. Brushing Your Teeth At The Wrong Time

Because acid can damage your teeth, you need to be careful about when you brush your teeth. In most cases, there isn’t a problem with brushing your teeth right after a meal, but if you brush your teeth right after consuming something acidic, you could end up grinding the acid into your enamel and causing more damage. If you drink something acidic, rinse out your mouth with water and wait for 30 minutes before you brush your teeth.

8. Avoiding The Dentist

Regular dentist visits keep your teeth clean and prevent serious problems. Make sure to schedule regular visits with your dentist and don’t ignore tooth pain, grinding, or other problems. The sooner you seek treatment the easier it is to stop problems from getting worse. Contact Galleria Dental Aesthetics to set up an appointment.

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