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Can Dental Crowns Fix TMD?

If your TMD symptoms are caused by an improper bite, then a dental crown may help alleviate the pain you are experiencing.

When the temporomandibular joint is subjected to excessive pressure, you may experience painful TMJ/TMD symptoms like headaches and tooth pain. Damage caused by decay and trauma can cause your teeth to have uneven surfaces. An unbalanced bite can also cause stress to the TMJ. Placing tooth crowns over damaged teeth will restore these teeth to the normal shape and size, allowing your teeth and jaws to come together in an appropriate manner.

Depending on the severity and underlying cause of your TMJ symptoms, several other treatment approaches may be suggested. For instance, orthodontics may be necessary to correct a misaligned bite. If your TMD symptoms arise from grinding your teeth at night, a mouth guard can be used while you sleep to keep teeth separated.

For experienced neuromuscular dentistry to treat TMD in Northern Virginia, please contact the experienced staff at Galleria Dental Aesthetics to schedule a consultation.

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