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Do Dental Implants Feel Like Real Teeth?

Dental implants are designed to mimic the presence of a real tooth. After the dental implant is placed, and once the area around your implant has healed, you are unlikely to notice the presence of the dental implant.

Incidentally, dental implants have no sensitivity. If you drink a hot cup of tea, or eat a spoonful of ice cream, you will not feel the sensations of hot and cold in your dental implant or in the tooth crown on top of the implant; however, you are unlikely to notice this absence of sensitivity. The dental implant should fit seamlessly into the normal sensations of your mouth.

In addition to feeling like a real tooth, dental implant benefits include:

  • Dental implants look like your natural teeth. The tooth crown placed on top of the implant is matched to the precise color of your natural teeth, and the crown has properties of light reflection similar to your natural teeth.
  • Dental implants promote bone growth. The bone supporting the dental implant is encouraged to grow because the dental implant mimics a natural tooth root. Missing tooth roots cause the bone to disintegrate over time.

Dental implants are a highly sought tooth replacement option because they allow you to retain the function and beauty of your natural smile.

To find out if you are a candidate for dental implants, and if you live in McLean, Arlington, Alexandria, Tysons Corner, Fairfax or the surrounding Northern Virginia areas, please contact the experienced implant dentists at Galleria Dental Aesthetics to schedule a consultation.

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