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What Is the Dental Hygienist’s Role When Treating Gum Disease?

Patients who visit their dentist regularly know how important these appointments can be. Twice a year, McLean, VA area patients will visit their dental staff at Galleria Dental Aesthetics to have an evaluation and cleaning performed. This is often done by a dental hygienist. Our team of dentists work with our dental hygienists to ensure they have the training and expertise to spot problems such as cavities and periodontal disease. Both of these conditions can be found during a dental cleaning and reported to the dentist for further evaluation and proper diagnosis.

Why is gum disease a serious condition?

Gum diseases, known as periodontal disease in the field of dentistry, is an infection that starts in the soft tissues of the mouth and can spread to cause damage to the bone and teeth. By diagnosing this problem in the earlier stages, patients can avoid the consequences of this disease. However, if patients have the condition and are never diagnosed or treated, they may face the loss of their natural teeth and jaw bone. This requires many different treatments to repair, including the possibility of requiring dentures.

During a dental cleaning, the dental hygienist may spot common signs of periodontal disease, including:

  • Red, swollen gum tissues
  • Bleeding of the gums when cleaning or flossing
  • Bad breath
  • Pockets developing between gum tissue and natural teeth

The dental hygienist will pass this information onto the dentist treating the patient that day to get a proper diagnosis and determine the stage at which the condition has reached. Then, the dental hygienist may also assist in the treatment of the disease. This may include the application of antibiotics or performing a treatment called scaling and root planing. Other times, this may be handled by the dentist. Our team works together to ensure that patients are well cared for and enjoy quality, comprehensive services under one roof!

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