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What Makes LUMINEERS a Different Kind of Veneer

Lumineers® McLean, VA | Veneers | Galleria Dental AestheticsIn recent years, we have witnessed a surge of interest in smile makeovers. Cosmetic dentistry has gone beyond teeth whitening as a primary method of bringing new life to a smile. Porcelain veneers have paved the way for patients to close gaps, cover chips and stains, create the illusion of straightness, and feel much better about their smiles. The issue with porcelain veneers is that even some patients who want a new smile don’t want the lifetime commitment of a full veneer process. That is why we are pleased to offer LUMINEERS.

LUMINEERS are slightly different than standard porcelain veneers in that this particular product uses Cerinate porcelain to craft custom-made “covers” for the front surface of teeth. The overall process is also slightly different, with very little, if any, reduction taking place. What is similar is the way LUMINEERS can change the shape and shade of one tooth, or create a whole new smile line to look more radiant and much more attractive.

A Look at Cerinate Porcelain

LUMINEERS were developed with the objective of enhancing the appearance of the smile without having to reduce surface enamel. With conventional porcelain veneers, the slight reduction is necessary. The amount of enamel that is removed is only about the thickness of a fingernail. However, this is sufficient to require coverage from the point of treatment forward. Longevity is always an important factor in cosmetic dentistry, so the material selected for a thinner, no-prep veneer needed to be durable. Cerinate porcelain meets this requirement. The sheath of material is only about as thick as a contact lens.

Longevity aside, the primary intent of veneer treatment is to make a tooth or teeth look better. If the material selected for veneers is too opaque or does not shine, the smile will appear artificial. Cerinate porcelain reflects light for beautiful radiance. LUMINEERS are also transparent, which further enhances the natural appeal.

Both LUMINEERS and traditional porcelain veneers offer specific advantages. One choice is not the best choice for every patient. To discuss your desired outcome from cosmetic dental treatment, call 703.448.1020 to schedule a consultation in our McLean or Arlington office.

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