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Sedation Dentistry: Do you have These Questions?

Sedation Dentistry Arlington VA | Galleria Dental AestheticsResearch has indicated that dental anxiety is a common condition.  Approximately 1 person out of every 6 is so frightened of the dentist that they just don’t go. You know what a dangerous habit it can be to postpone dental care. Even if you are that 1 in 6, there is a knowing inside of you that you could be setting yourself up for bigger problems by putting off checkups and cleanings, or by ignoring that nagging toothache.

We are not here to lecture on the benefits of dentistry. You already know them. What we are here to do is let you know you don’t have to let dental anxiety rule your world. Chances are you have heard of sedation dentistry, but questions around this service also keep you from seeing the dentist. Let’s put an end to that vicious cycle, shall we?

Is sedation dentistry safe?

The sedation methods that are used in dentistry are extremely safe. The dentists in our McLean office have taken the necessary steps to further improve safety standards. Patients can feel greater peace of mind receiving care from dentists who are members of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS). Training and membership with such an organization demonstrate that safety and efficacy are a priority. Sedation does not affect breathing or swallowing. Patients can hear and speak with the dental staff during treatment.

What does sedation dentistry feel like?

When you have a fear of seeing the dentist, there may be an equal fear of being sedated. Sedation dentistry, for the most part, does not put you “to sleep.” However, some patients do nap comfortably due to the level of relaxation they feel under sedation. Even if sleep does not occur, there is an immense sense of well-being with sedation. Some describe a feeling of extreme joy. After treatment, most patients do not remember the details of their visit.

How long does sedation last?

There are variables that make this a sensitive question. We are careful to dose sedation to achieve relaxation that will last the duration of the prescribed treatment session. Because oral sedatives and IV sedative medications enter the bloodstream, patients may expect effects to linger for a few hours up to several hours.

Because sedative effects diminish gradually, it is necessary to have transportation to and from the dental office.

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