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Second Guessing that Cup of Coffee? You May Not have to

Teeth Whitening and CoffeeCoffee lovers can rejoice in knowing that they may not have to cut all ties with their beloved brew in order to keep their pearly white intact. For years, dentists have been helping patients revive their smiles with professional teeth whitening. Patients of Galleria Dental Aesthetics can bring their smile back to life quickly and comfortably with either in-office whitening or a home-whitening program. However, is drinking coffee just working against you if you were to choose this path? Let’s talk about that . . .

Is Coffee Really bad?

Well, yes and no. We hate to even say that; but it’s what research seems to reflect. Coffee can be quite good for the body, according to recent studies that link a decreased risk of liver disease in avid coffee drinkers. On the flip side, most people can’t deny that a daily coffee ritual can do a number on the smile. Over time, tannins from coffee settle in beneath the surface of enamel. Yes, these stains can be lifted. At the same time, there are also a few simple things you can do to minimize the effects of coffee.

  • Sip and quit. No one could be expected to guzzle down a Cup o’ Joe just to save their teeth. This would be as silly as sipping this steaming beverage through a straw. Really, when teeth whitening treatment is so easy to find, why would you go to such lengths? What can be beneficial for coffee drinkers is to cut back on the sipping. Meaning, enjoy a cup to the fullest, then quit sipping. A morning-long coffee habit gives little distance between tannins and teeth.
  • Dilute it. This doesn’t mean to add more water to your coffee. Dilution involves cream, and cream can be oh so good in more ways than one. Dairy cuts the acidity of coffee, and the casein protein in dairy has been shown to bind to tannins. It’s a win-win.
  • Rinse it. Rinsing the mouth after drinking coffee, or soda or wine, for that matter, is an excellent way to reduce the effects of stain-causing tannins. Swish water across the front of teeth and in between them; this can also aid in the prevention of gum inflammation.

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