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Multiple parts of teeth McLean VA | Galleria Dental Aesthetics VirginiaHave you ever thought about the parts of your teeth? Many people think of a tooth as a pretty simple structure, but teeth actually have multiple parts that work together to keep your mouth healthy and strong. Keep reading to learn more.


The Crown: The crown is the top third of your tooth. This is the part you actually see.  Protect this part of your tooth by brushing your teeth after meals.


The Root: The root is the part of your tooth that is hidden below the gums. This part actually makes up about two thirds of your tooth. Protect the roots of your teeth by protecting the gums around them. Floss every day and use mouthwash to kill harmful bacteria.


The Enamel: The enamel is the hard white substance on the exterior of your teeth. It protects the softer parts inside. Although enamel is very hard, it can be damaged or cracked. Protect the enamel by avoiding acidic beverages, wearing a mouth guard during certain sports, and brushing your teeth with a soft bristled toothbrush instead of a hard bristled toothbrush.


The Dentin: The dentin is the yellowish substance underneath your enamel. It makes up a lot of the tooth. It is softer than the enamel. Protecting your enamel is one of the best ways to protect the dentin part of your teeth. You can also protect the dentin by avoiding sugary foods and beverages that can cause cavities.


The Pulp: The pulp is made up of soft tissue and blood vessels. Pulp is on the inside of your teeth. It provides your teeth with the nutrients they need to stay healthy and living. Protect the pulp by eating and drinking healthy foods that give you the nutrients your teeth need to be healthy. Choose foods with calcium, potassium, and vitamin C. These nutrients are found in dairy products, leafy greens, and other common fruits and vegetables. In general eating a healthy, balanced diet will provide your teeth with the nutrients they need.


To learn more about how your teeth work and how you can keep them healthy, schedule a checkup or cleaning with Dr. Lee.

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