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Is a Dental Visit What Dad Needs Most for Father’s Day?

Dental Hygiene McLean, VA | Dental ExamFather’s Day is a time of year in which we joke about ties flying off the shelves. In reality, though, we’ve become quite a bit more innovative in how we recognize the special men in our lives. More people today are looking outside of the box, and this can pay off with long-term rewards for those with whom we share a special gift. With Father’s Day on the horizon, we see an excellent opportunity to point out how a dental visit might just be what Dad needs most.

According to reports from the American Dental Association and also the American Academy of Periodontology, men may not be as consistent and mindful about their oral hygiene as they could be. Additionally, men tend to have a higher risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, two health conditions that can directly affect oral health (and vice versa). We know from clinical data and personal experience that there are simple ways that men can avoid unnecessary dental problems (they just might need a little encouragement). These include:

  • Create a strong oral care habit. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. For long-term oral health, that habit needs to be to show up at the sink every morning and also every night. Before bed, teeth should be flossed as well, because bacteria can harm teeth and gums overnight.
  • See the dentist. The twice-a-year exams and cleanings that are performed in our McLean office are an effective complement to daily oral care. They are necessary to support ongoing oral health because the step-by-step process removes plaque that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This is significant because, according to the Academy of General Dentistry, more than one-third of middle-aged men suffer from periodontal disease and are at risk of tooth loss.
  • Take safety seriously. Men may have a higher risk for dental injury depending on their lifestyle habits, their occupation, or their hobbies. For example, playing a sport like softball is excellent for a man’s social and physical well-being but not so great for his risk of injury. Wearing a mouthguard during sports, especially contact sports, protects teeth from unnecessary damage.

Most of the factors that make men more susceptible to gum disease and tooth loss can be managed with routine dental care. We are happy to provide exams, cleanings, restorations, and cosmetic dentistry services in a friendly environment. To schedule a visit to our McLean office, call 703-448-1020.

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