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Enhancing your Smile by Closing Gaps between Teeth

Gaps between the teeth is not an uncommon issue. Many people have visible spaces between their teeth when they smile. If you are unhappy with the gaps between your teeth, there are a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can conceal the gaps and create a beautiful smile. These treatments include:

During a consultation with one of our experienced dentists, you and the dentist can discuss which treatment option may be right for you. It depends on the location and size of the gap, as well as the cause. Porcelain veneers and tooth bonding are both great options for concealing gaps between teeth. Veneers are placed over teeth, creating a new surface. The veneer can be made so that its width covers the gap. Tooth bonding, on the other hand, is a moldable material that can be used to modify a tooth’s shape. By rebuilding the surface of the two teeth around the gap, our dentists can use tooth bonding to conceal gaps.

In some cases, patients can benefit from Invisalign treatment to both align the bite and close a gap. If there are bite problems, such as crooked teeth or an overbite, then Invisalign can straighten your teeth without the use of metal wires and brackets. In many cases, Invisalign can close spaces between teeth.

To find out what your cosmetic dentistry options are for concealing gaps between your teeth, please contact Galleria Dental Aesthetics to schedule a consultation. Our experienced cosmetic dentists see patients from Alexandria, Arlington, McLean and the surrounding areas.

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